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Random off-season poll: which '80s show had the best theme song?

Put on the leg warmers and get out the booger sugar - I WANT MY EMMM TEEEE VEEEEE

I don't think there is an undergrad on the A&M campus that was even BORN in the 1980s which is dadgum ridiculous. Hell, I don't think the undergrads recall a time without the internet.

Well, young whippersnappers, time was, we had to watch television without internet, Twitter, iPhones, DVR, Tivo, OnDemand, flat screens, and the like. We were animals. We even watched commercials.

Try to grasp this concept - television programs typically ran once a week at the same time. If you really liked a show, you had to ensure that all your personal obligations were scheduled around that viewing window. Miss an episode? You're screwed. You'll have to get the skinny from friends to get caught up before the next week.

Harrowing times, indeed. Sure, you could record shows on VHS - a task as laborious, time-consuming, and suicidal as a trip to an Iraqi DMV.

An enduring quality of this primitive viewing experience was the television theme song. You could never skip over the song as you watched veiled screenshots of the stars of the program. The theme song - roughly 1% of the program's episode - was a key part of the fabric and culture of TV. 25-30 years later, the theme songs of the 1980's shows live on.

We're over a 100 days away from football. Let's try to entertain ourselves for a bit. In the poll below, vote on your favorite theme song. In the comments, let's share memories and slap bracelets.

The winning theme song will be honored by a crack squad of GBH writers, who will incorporate real-life SEC players/coaches/personalities into an episode of the show. Like, we're going to write as though we were on crack, which most TV writers probably were in the 1980s.