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Daily Bull 5.7.13


Johnny CFL? Veteran NFL scout Bucky Brooks doesn't feel the Heisman winner is good enough to be a successful pro player, rehashing the familiar NFL scout litany in his recent list of 30 college players to watch following the draft:

While I certainly believe he is one of the best football players in college football, I'm not convinced that his game translates well to the NFL. He is an undersized quarterback with a slightly below-average arm.

Someone fire up the H8R beacon, because Mr. Brooks just made a new Twitter friend.

Biel with it? Four Razorback football players will be transferring, including senior backup QB Brandon Mitchell, who will be eligible to play immediately since he will graduate this summer. Sources could not confirm the transfers are related to Bret Bielema's bizarre culinary preferences.

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Tee time. The men's golf team has earned the no. 4 seed in the regional tournament in Tempe in two weekends. The team is ranked #20 overall and this will be their 11th straight tourney, a school record.

Softball. The SEC softball tournament starts tomorrow in Lexington, and the team will square off against Alabama in the first game. Full schedule available here.