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Daily Bull 5.3.13

We attempt to explain the bat situation. And a Jay Brooks flashback.

Aaron M. Sprecher


What a week. Seriously. First we had the #WafflesForAgs t-shirts come out, then the Kyle Field Renovation announcement, and finally the SEC Network press conference yesterday. Pretty crazy for a May off-season week.

Oh wait, there's still Baseball. We'll be hosting Mizzou this weekend and in desperate need of a spark. We actually have a better overall and conference record than the Tigers, but, well...that hasn't stopped us before.

WHAT ABOUT THE BATS? This is one of the more common questions I saw around SB Nation the last couple of days since the renovation plans were announced. The University has considered this, and KBTX ran a story back in March. They're focusing on The Zone first, putting up nets that allow the bats out, but not back in.

The bat problem may be solved in time for stadium renovations, but A&M officials say the relocation timeline was based on bat migration patterns. This is the time of year when many of the bats are gone.

In other words, the migration season did not coincide with the renovation schedule, and since the bats don't have $450 million, we're going to have to try to work around their schedule some more when they come back. But steps are definitely being taken. Perhaps we could just construct several hundred square feet of bat houses around the Animal Industries Building to complete the ambiance?

Podcast Fridays. The latest installment of the GBH Podcast will be out shortly, so if you like radio be sure to tune in to hear DerekAggie06 and OrionHjarvis cover the crazy flurry of stuff that happened in Aggieland this week. They will also have a special guest, someone who will be suiting up for Mark Snyder very soon. I will be listening at work because it helps me ignore my co-workers.

Your Friday Flashback .gif. Sorry it's tiny, but it's all I could find. This guy was so much fun to watch. This is him leveling a Longhorn player that outweighed him by about 60 pounds in the 2001 game on a punt return. Special teams/nickelback legend #21 Big Play Jay Brooks:



Share your favorite Jay Brooks moments in the comments. It's more fun that working.