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Daily Bull 5.28.13


TOURNEY TIME! The baseball team's strong finish and exciting showing in the SEC tournament led to a No. 2 seed spot at the Corvallis Regional against UC-Santa Barbara. A win against the Gauchos means facing the winner of Oregon State and familiar foe UTSA in the second game. Full bracket is here.

SEC covereage: Team Speed Kills keeps us up-to-date on all nine of the conference schools who made the final 64 in their terrific baseball StoryStream here.

"On the cusp." This is a friendly reminder from the Dallas Morning News that we're just about to start benefiting from the conference move, you guys. Of course it comes in the form of a five-part slideshow.

The legend grows. Since he's not big on broadcasting his each and every move, it's fun to see where Coach Sumlin ends up in the news. Could be anything from a fishing trip to a WWE match. This time it turns out the head football coach is a huge Indy 500 fan from his time spent there. This trip was just him and his boys, so one lucky Texas reporter ended up getting a pretty nice scoop of an article that we look forward to reading.

Welcome back to work, everyone. Wait...what is work again?