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Daily Bull 5.20.13

The good Doctor is out, so you're stuck with me.

Scott Halleran


BEISBOL! KINDA! The Aggie baseball team lost their regular season finale in Knoxville 7-5. Now they travel to Birmingham for the SEC Tournament because Birmingham is our league's Vatican. The Ags will face the Florida Gators in a win-or-go-golfing game. /yawn

SOFTBALL BIG FLIES ITS WAY TO NORMAN. Our softball team really likes hitting home runs and put a nice bow on the College Station Regional with a 8-0 pasting of Baylor. The girls will now continue their Big 12 retro tour of county fairs with a trip to Norman to play the top ranked Sooners in the Supers. Gig 'em. Oh, and all the games are on ESPN or ESPNU, which is fun.

TIME TO ARGUE ABOUT MEAT EVEN THOUGH IT'S ALL DELICIOUS. Texas Monthly released a list of the top barbecue joints around the state. How many have you been to?

AREN'T WE ALL DEVILS A LITTLE BIT? You may have heard that Saban was called El Diablo by a former assistant last week. This led to plenty of "CLASSLESS" soapboxes. Tony Barnhart reminds us that football is supposed to be fun. Mostly, the OFF SEASON is the Devil.

FEELS JUST LIKE I'M WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS. Alabama's 2011 BCS Trophy - which is broken - was auctioned off for the price of a mini-mansion in Alabama - $105,000. This only gave Coach the idea of having his players eat broken crystal while watching Johnny highlights. MAKE IT HURT.