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Podcast Episode 65 – Previewing the Arkansas Razorbacks

Doc Harper from Arkansas Expats talks 2013 Razorback Football with the Good Bull Hunting radio posse.

Wesley Hitt

In Week 1 of our Around the SEC series, we talked with Doc Harper from SBNation's Arkansas Expats. We ran Doc through the ringer to get his opinions and expectations on the 2013 Razorback Football team, thoughts on the Aggies and Razorbacks taking the series away from college campuses, and we made him pick a winner of the Alabama vs. A&M matchup on September 14th. The Razorbacks have a killer schedule next season, and they're facing a lot of similar situations as the Aggies during the move to the SEC.

We also dropped a bomb about a possible Good Bull Hunting radio road tour. Slow your racing hearts, we'll get you more details on those plans shortly.

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