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Daily Bull 5.15.13



Wiggins out. The kid who was on everyone's Twitter for like five days decided to mix it up and commit to Kansas over Kentucky (among others) yesterday. Turns out he was a basketball player, not a football player. Who knew?

Undefeated. After a rocky season, the baseball team can still claim to be without a loss on mid-week home games this year after knocking off UTPA last night.. Hooray?

Best kickers. Saturday Down South ranks the top five returning kickers in the conference by FG percentage. Looks like we will face four of them. Speaking of kickers, Randy Bullock of the Texans got his degree on Saturday. Good Bull, Randy.

Big 12 Challenge. It was announced yesterday that we'll be squaring off against Oklahoma in basketball in Houston on New Year's Eve in the new Big 12/SEC Challenge. Trying to remember what happened last time we faced the Sooners in Texas around New Year's in sports...

DON'T DO IT, SEAN. They put CINNAMON in their "chili" and serve it over spaghetti. The Arkansas guy you're rolling with is from Texarkana and should know better also. In other words, we'd all feel better if you revealed that you didn't go to Skyline.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>This a good day. Finished up camp &amp; Got my contract all signed. Bout to see how his cincinnati food is out here wit @<a href="">cobiham11</a></p>&mdash; Sean Porter (@onlyoneSP) <a href="">May 12, 2013</a></blockquote>
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