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Daily Bull 5.13.13


SE Champs. Congrats to the women's track team, who claimed the conference title in the outdoor competition over the weekend. Pat Henry's trophy shelf is now larger than a sliver of East Texas.

Not quite. The baseball team came up just short against LSU, losing the second and third games after stealing the opener. They stranded approximately nine thousand runners over the weekend.

A&M or LSU? Lots of sports guys do lots of sports talking and answer the question of who will challenge Alabama in 2013 for the SEC West title.

"I'm just sayin'." The Stoopsening of the SEC just got a bit more interesting, as Charlie Weis has decided to publicly back up Bob's claims. He's apparently proud of the fact that he coached the only Big 12 team to not go to a bowl game. Or win a conference game, for that matter.

HATE BARN. That's right. We must demand the best, and in this case it involves loss of bladder control for opposing players.

Happy Monday, everyone. May your week pass this swiftly: