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Southgate Region is now Up and Open

Nobody wants to mess with the Poultry Mogul, but it's time to cast your votes again in the GBH Aggie Mt. Rushmore bracket!

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There are some really strong resumes going to battle in the Southgate regoin of the GBH Aggie Mt. Rushmore challenge. I'll be paying close attention to the Joe Evans vs. Pat Henry matchup in the 8/9 battle, mainly because Pat Henry is drastically under-seeded. I've already said to much. Cast your votes, I'm going to go eat some double stuff'd Oreos.

1. Von Miller vs. 16. Aaron Wallace

8. Jo Evans vs. 9. Pat Henry

5. Gary Blair vs. 12. Jay Brooks

4. Robert Earl Keen vs. 13. Sirr Parker

6. Kevin Smith vs. 11. Jack Pardee

3. Dana X Bible vs. 14. John Roper

7. Emory Bellard vs. 10. Billy Pickard

2. R Bowen Loftin vs. 15. Kevin Murray

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