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Daily Bull 5.10.13


WHOOP RAIN DELAY. The baseball team took out #3 LSU last night 2-1 after torrential thunderstorms pounded College Station. No word on how they'll conjure up more rain today and tomorrow.

PODCAST, PODCAST. Check back later this morning and listen in as DerekAggie06 and OrionHjarvis talk about Bob Stoops' sour grapes and everything else in this week's Around Aggieland.

New field fever. EDSBS and LSU Freek teamed up to give the turf a new look after Wyoming announced their bold new design. NEEDZ MOAR WAFFLEZ, guys.

Schedulin'. This website says we have the worst non-con schedule in the SEC. What does everyone else think...have we arrived or what? They also gave someone a grade of "E", which I didn't even realize was a grade, but whatever works for you guys. It's the internet and you can just hand out whatever letter pleases you.

A horrifying journey. Yes, the off-season is upon us, and as Hypno-Toad reminds us, it's a vast desert.

YOUR FRIDAY GIF comes from one of the greatest college football movies to ever grace the big screen:


Have a great weekend, everyone.