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Information and Renderings for Kyle Field Renovation

The Texas A&M System Board of Regents met today to see a new kickass video on the new Kyle Field. Yeah, they did other things too, but they got to see a really kick ass video on the new Kyle Field. Steve Fullhart from KBTX posted the following images from the presentation:




I snagged this image from the presentation. It shows a beautiful new Kyle Field from overhead at night:


There were honestly too many highlights from the presentation to keep up with. Here's what we took away:

  • There will be overhangs on the east and west sides of the stadium (thank you Jesus).
  • There will be 12 empty seats in the student section that will remain empty to honor and remember fallen Aggies from the Bonfire accident and elsewhere. These seats will be somewhere visible to TV cameras.
  • The stadium will seat over 102,000 and be the largest in Texas, as well as the SEC.
  • The field level is being lowered to increase the crowd noise in the stadium (poor visiting teams).
  • The exterior will be made predominantly of limestone.
  • There will be club seating that stretches from goal line to goal line.
  • E. King Gill is also getting a remodel. He will be larger and more prominent outside of Kyle Field.
  • There will be new memorials added to both the east and west sides of the stadium.
  • Renovations will begin after the final home game of 2013 and be completed in August 2015.
  • There is a plan to secure funding to place a total of 12 maroon lights around the corners of the stadium that will be illuminated after a victory.
There was a lot to take away from the video, and we'll keep you posted with any additional news we get our hands on. Hopefully, they release the video that was shown during the meeting, because it was beyond awesome.

EDIT at 4:36PM: The Texas A&M Board of Regents approved the redevelopment of Kyle Field.