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Daily Bull 5.1.13

With an important announcement!


AT LONG LAST. You can now find the #WafflesForAgs t-shirts online or at any Aggieland Outfitters. You'd batter hurry because they won't last long. You don't even have to iron them! Maple if you're lucky you can get two. And so on. #YESSSYRRUPP.

Speaking of waffles... tune in later this morning for cuppycup's masterful PowerPoint presentation that will surely clinch a WaffleHouse franchise in the B/CS area. Papers. Important business papers.

WHEW. The baseball team beat Grambling State 6-2 last night, which means we'll have jzimmermann11 around with us just a little longer. He was going to leave if we lost to the team that lost to Central Arkansas 30-0.

DO NOT MESS WITH LARRY JACKSON. For he is a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach. Seriously, this guy went undefeated on Kyle Field as a player and would be an awesome Mortal Kombat fighter or something.

What is this Spread Offense thing? SB Nation's Steven Godfrey visits with coaches from both of our Mississippi division mates to get their answers. One of the guys he talked to used to be OC in College Station. Sort of. You'll figure it out.

Expansion. Looks like the BOR will vote today to approve plans to push Kyle Field to 102,000 seats. There is currently no mention of waffles in the concession stands.