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Daily Bull 4.8.13

Have a wonderful Monday.

Brandon Wade


OUCH. The baseball team picked up the 4-1 win yesterday after dropping the first two in the Auburn series. Moving right along, they'll face SHSU tomorrow at home.

Speaking of baseball it's Johnny Ballpark. At long last the drama surrounding Manziel's foray into baseball is over. Now we can all rest peacefully. Whew. He threw out a first pitch and the world somehow survived.

Friday Night Lights happened on, well, Friday, and although it's just another spring scrimmage, it's quite encouraging that Floyd Raven finally seems to have found a home at free safety, while still contributing on special teams. He had an interception and also blocked a field goal. Sources have not confirmed whether or not he said "nevermore" to Bertolet afterward.

Don't forget to vote. The brackets have been seeded in the Aggie Mt. Rushmore challenge, so head on over and make your voices heard.

Extremely awesome bull. This is what it's really all about: Nebraska wins their spring game in every way imaginable.

Jack Hoffman with a 69 yard touchdown in the 2013 Nebraska Spring Game (via HuskerAthletics)