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Daily Bull 4.5.13

Friday Night Lights day


Clear eyes, full hearts, #YESSIR. We've got your Friday Night Lights list of visiting recruits ready. Anybody planning on going tonight? [Hint: IT'S FREE.]

Aggie Mt. Rushmore update: the brackets have been seeded and the next round of voting opens at 10:00, so check back in to make your selections.

Auburn: it cures what ails you. The baseball team hosts the Tigers this weekend, who are 1-8 in conference play. It's been a rough year for them in pretty much everything, but the timing is nice after getting swept by South Carolina last weekend.

Mark Emmert's a fountain of white noise. The NCAA President had the opportunity to address multiple ongoing controversies at his Final Four press conference yesterday. He essentially said nothing, and was a dick about it.

Like a boss. Saturday Down South says Jake Matthews will be one of the top-five void-fillers in the SEC in 2013 when he steps in for Joeckel. In other news, water is wet.


EXTRA FRIDAY BONUS. For all you American Psycho fans out there (and I know there are some), please to enjoy Huey Lewis and Weird Al re-creating the Huey Lewis scene.