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The Brackets are Seeded - Vote in Round 1 of GBH Mt. Rushmore Bracket

The votes were tallied. The seeds were selected. The regions were named. It's time to separate the legends from the well-knowns in Round 1 of the GBH Mt. Rushmore Bracket.

The popular vote round has concluded and the results have been critiqued with a fine-toothed comb, or Excel, but whatever. Each person was give a seed based on where they fell in the popular vote of all 64 names. There are definitely a few surprises in how the final votes added up, but I think the bracket rounds will have some certain upsets. You can see the entire 64-name bracket here. We've got the regions broken up into Northgate, Southgate, Westgate, and Eastgate. With that said, it's time to get the voting started in the first round of the Northgate Region.

If you need a little help with who each person is, we've got you covered.

1. Johnny Manziel vs. 16. Ty Warren

8. Mary Beth Decker (NSFW) vs. 9. Shane Lechler

5. Ray Childress vs. 12. Tana McKay

4. John Kimbrough vs. 13. Terrence Murphy

6. Quentin Coryatt vs. 11. G. Guerrieri

3. Kevin Sumlin vs. 14.Brad Blauser

7. Jason Cook vs. 10. Rodney Thomas

2. RC Slocum vs. 15. Mark Farris