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Daily Bull 4.4.13

Luke Joeckel's heading to New York City.

Goin' to New York City
Goin' to New York City
Kelly Lambert


Boneless in '13-14. Kelsey Bone announced yesterday that she would forego her senior year to enter the WNBA Draft. Best of luck to her.

NYC-bound. Tackle Luke Joeckel is one of the 19 players who has been invited to attend the NFL Draft in person. Lighting Bonus Trivia Round: A&M faced seven of the other 18 players in 2012-2013.

Behave, Johnny! You're affronting the delicate sensibilities of Mr. SEC himself. These continue to be hilarious.

But Manziel needs to just shut up about the press and the distractions. Sorry if that’s harsh, but he creates the distractions his own self. Example: Post a photo of yourself with an NBA star and expect people to ask…

A) Why isn’t he worrying about spring practice?


B) How does this kid have the money to attend (seemingly) every big concert or sporting event in the nation?

Yeah, yeah. We know. Mama and papa have money. But not everyone knows that.

They do now, because they read it on a serious blog.

Like they's an ongoing investigation. Yet more controversial allegations surrounding Auburn's 2010 championship team came out yesterday. And while the main crime mentioned took place after the title had been won, much of the background details did not.

Coming soon:

cuppycup and I have been plumbing the depths of the Internet for about a month. Later this morning, we will explore the commercialization of the Reveille Mascot in greater depth than anyone else ever in history. Maybe. We just made that up, but stay tuned just in case it's true.