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Daily Bull 4.30.13

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE


#WafflesForAgs t-shirts will be available tomorrow.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF LOGO REVEALED. The only reason this one won instead of cuppycup's was because some guy in Austin hacked the voting. Because there's really no scientific way this logo could ever lose any poll:


ISSA AGGIE CONSPEERASEEE! Rick Perry is methodically dismantling the University of Texas from the inside out. Wake up, Longhorns!

Home at last. The baseball team will kick off an 8-game homestand tonight against Grambling St. Chance of rain: 30%.

Filling some shoes. Jason Kirk takes a look at who's going to be replacing the top 50 draft picks for next season. [SPOILER ALERT: #2 rhymes with "Blake Cashews"]

Speaking of Drafting. takes an early peek at what the 2014 first round might look like and whaaat..... Actually this should not be surprising because picking Teddy Bridgewater over Jadaveon Clowney and taking Zach Mettenberger in the first round is the NFL-iest of NFL things to do.

Johnny Geology. Because we felt like being silly on a Monday: the real Cancun itinerary.