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Daily Bull 4.24.13

Waffle t-shirt winner, college football playoffs, and...some other stuff


CONGRATS! We have our very first #WafflesForAgs t-shirt winner. Reader aubs2014 covered all the bases yesterday in her Tweet. Don't forget we'll be doing this each day this week and yes, we know it's shocking to most of you but there are girls who apparently read this blog so shut up. Contact @cuppycup for the logistics, aubs, and congrats.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>@<a href="">wafflehouse</a> needs to be a staple in Aggieland before I graduate! <a href="">#may2014</a> <a href="">#WafflesForAgs</a> @<a href="">aggieoutfitters</a> @<a href="">gbhunting</a></p>&mdash; Aubrey Korol (@aubs2014) <a href="">April 23, 2013</a></blockquote>
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And...just...yeah. The baseball team lost 4-1 to Texas State yesterday and that's something. The best we can take out of all this is anticipating how Jason Zimmermann will top the dumpster fire and sad panda he's used as the cover pictures on his last two pieces.

College Football Playoffs. The new system of College Football Playoffs will kick off with the College Football Playoffs beginning with the College Football Playoffs in 2014-2015. Not only that, but we've thrown our very own logo into the mix in the hopes it gets picked up. How could it not?


Goodbye, trees. On a sadder note, the oaks at Auburn's Toomer's Corner were removed yesterday. The good folks over at College and Magnolia give us a glimpse into what this tradition meant to them.