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Daily Bull 4.23.13: IMPORTANT T-SHIRT NEWS


NEW IMPORTANT NEWSINESS: At long last your Aggie waffle-related t-shirt drought is at an end. Aggieland Outfitters has teamed up with GBH's finest team of artists to bring you this masterful creation. Sales will begin next week, but in the interim we'll be giving away one free shirt per day. So get your hashtags smothered and covered and Tweet anything at @AggieOutfitters and @GBHunting that includes #WafflesForAgs for a chance to win a shirt. One entry per person per day.



Meanwhile. The baseballers will head to San Marcos this evening to face the Bobcats and will try to somehow hit the brakes on their current skid. Search parties are currently combing the hillsides in search of Jason Zimmermann.

YOU CAN TELL FROM THE PIXELS. Manziel. Controversial Photoshop. Earth continues to rotate on axis. This was yesterday's excitement. Lots more to follow, I'm sure.

SEC stable...for now. Team Speed Kills looks at why it seems the conference will not be adding anyone in the near future.