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Daily Bull 4.22.13

The beat goes on.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE


AGAIN? After getting the win in the first game Friday in Fayetteville, the baseball team dropped consecutive games on Saturday and Sunday to lose the series. Jason Zimmermann will be along soon with his usual aplomb. Poor dude.

Johnny...everything. Shut up, haters. This is just pure greatness.

And Kerrville was fun too. The DMN jumps in with their dynamite sprots coverage as usual. Let's see what they were able to dig up.

"How was Megan Fox?" one high school male asked Manziel of meeting the famous bombshell actress.

Just so.

DOLPHINS CONSPIRACY GOES DEEPER. Mike Sherman's quest to sign every single Aggie who played for him continues. Phinsider takes a closer look at Damontre Moore.

Coming soon to GBH: serious business. Papers. Some business papers. And also I answer some hard-hitting questions from the LSU guys about our Maroon & White Game. Stay tuned. Here's your Mondayness, which is far too upbeat and therefore appropriate: