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Daily Bull 4.2.13

We remember Jack Pardee

#32 Jack Pardee prepares to kick ass
#32 Jack Pardee prepares to kick ass


RIP, Jack Pardee. We lost a great one yesterday. Junction Boy, innovative coach, and architect of a 95-point output while coaching at U of H. Thoughts go out to the Pardee family. Bonus trivia: Pardee is the only man to ever play six-man HS football and later coach in the NFL. We were lucky enough to work him into a Beastie Boys re-cut because that's just how we roll.

Don't forget to do that voting thing if you haven't already. Aggie Mt. Rushmore awaits your decision.


so good it's been on the front page for a week

Home again. The baseball team will kick off an 8-game homestand today against UTSA. Details at Aggie Athletics.

Johnny Baseball. Manziel will throw out the ceremonial pitch during Opening Weekend at the Rangers' game this Sunday. No word on whether or not he will capture the moment with Instagram or be seated next to any NBA stars so you'll just have to wait and see for yourselves, sportswriters. You know you're reading this.

Ticket Prices aaaaahhh. Team Speed Kills takes a look at SEC football ticket prices over the last six decades. Interesting stuff.

SOON. A little bat has informed us that #WafflesForAgs t-shirts will be hot off the iron soon, available at Aggieland Outfitters.