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Daily Bull 4.19.13

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports


HOMETOWN HERO. The city of Kerrville, TX will honor Johnny Manziel tomorrow night in a special homecoming ceremony. ESPN's Carter Blackburn will be the emcee. Special author CSB: I grew up not far from there, and this is a huge deal. We don't have many superstars from around our parts. Well, except for Carter Blackburn.

SPRING GAME ATTENDANCE RANKINGS. Sure, it's meaningless, but it's also the off-season. See how we stack up here. Oh, and look at all those amazing round even numbers!

WOE PIG SOOOEY. The Baseball team plays in Fayetteville today, tomorrow, and Sunday and oh man this will surely get us out of our SEC slump right? Scouts have reported that Jason Zimmermann has even resorted to domestic draft beer. Things are that bad.

COMING SOON. This morning. The latest GBH Podcast. Your intrepid hosts weigh in on the M&W Game, what the SEC Network will mean for us, and the current state of cutting-edge journalism.

FRIDAY GIF. This has been a shit week. Let's remind ourselves that humanity can be great as well. Nebraska's Jack Hoffman: