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Daily Bull 4.18.13

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


Around Athletics. Pat Henry continues to dominate and coach on another level. The Men's and Women's track teams are #1 and #2 nationally, respectively. The Women's Tennis team won their first SEC Championship in Oxford. The Equestrian team will look for another NCAA title this weekend in Waco.

MISCLEAR UPFIELD BURSTNESS WORK ETHIC QUESTIONABLE LENTH. Lost Letterman took a look at the absurdity and disproportional focus put on the NFL Combine. It's a good glimpse at the fickleness of the Draft Experts who have an industry to float as it relates to Damontre Moore.
Hint: he'll be a fine football player.

Oh, Von. Mr. Miller was interviewed about the possibility of Luke Joeckel going #1 in the draft. It seems the seeds have been sown for a future friendly rivalry if Luke ends up in Kansas City.

“If Luke goes No. 1 that would be great for Texas A&M, and it would be great for me in the division,” Miller said with a hearty chuckle about his old friend. “Because then I would get to whip his ass twice a year.”

I say. It turns out Margaret Thatcher's grandson is an Aggie. And was a pretty good HS football player at Highland Park. WAY TO OVERLOOK ROYALTY, FRAN*. (Thanks to Keegan for the Tweet.)

*we know he's not really royalty

Serious thoughts and prayers to all in West, Texas today.