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Daily Bull 4.16.13

On Boston

Marc Serota


Folks, it doesn't seem like a normal day, so let's take this one to send our thoughts to Boston. For the victims, families, and first responders, who prevented a horrific tragedy from being an even greater horrific tragedy. We're lucky to live in a place where days like yesterday are not as commonplace as they are in other parts of the world, but that does not make what happened at the marathon any less terrifying and baffling. Sporting events are supposed to be a celebration; a distraction. But it's that same sense of competition within us that will help us move on.

Here's Bill Ifrig, the 78 year-old man who can be seen getting knocked to the ground by the concussive blast of the first explosion in the now iconic first footage. Once he realized he was uninjured, he calmly walked back to his hotel so emergency workers could help others in need. When asked a few hours later by a reporter if he would run a marathon again, this is what Bill had to say.

I don't stop for this.
Good Bull, Bill, and Gig 'Em Boston.