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Daily Bull 4.12.13

Happy M&W Eve

Stacy Revere


M&W GAME TIME. Tomorrow there will be an actual, football-like substance on ESPN, with Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler making awkward Johnny Manziel puns. If the off-season is the drive from San Antonio to El Paso, this is your Kerrville. It's a long way to the Rice game, so enjoy the opportunity while you have it before the endless miles/days start to peel away, one no different from the next. We've also got your scoop on visiting recruits here.

The other M&W matchup. The baseball team squares off against Mississippi State this weekend at Olsen. Both teams are looking to overcome recent disappointments. Your exclusive GBH preview is right here.

Ranked matchup. The #10 softball team will host #13 LSU this weekend, and the Saturday and Sunday games will both be nationally televised. Details on Aggie Athletics.

Heads-up. Johnny Manziel recently Tweeted, so expect a whirlwind of psychoanalyzation.

Your Friday gif: