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Good Bull Voicemail

Yeah, you heard me. Call us and leave us a voicemail. Be serious. Be funny. Be weird. It's up to you.

Johnny approved
Johnny approved
Henny Ray Abrams/AP

We're adding a new feature to our Good Bull Hunting podcasts, and we need some guinea pigs to test it out when we record tonight's episode. Here's how it works. We'll record a new GBH Voicemail questions each week. Just click the call button below, or call (979) 217-1364 to hear the question and leave your response. We'll take the good answers/funny answers/weird answers and play them during the show. Pretty simple, right?

Oh, and leave a comment below and let us know what you think the question should be for next week.

This week's question: Last week Kevin Sumlin had a live DJ out at Friday Night Lights. If you had a blank check, what would you do to top that for the Maroon and White game on Saturday?

We've stepped our game up in a big way to bring you better sound quality. Keep an eye out for the podcast article tomorrow. If you think you have a good question for next week, leave it in the comment section below.