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Daily Bull 4.10.13

Corey Pullig outta nowhere!

The '90s, man.
The '90s, man.


Midweek streak cont'd. The baseballers defeated SHSU 4-1 last night to go a perfect 10-0 in Tuesday/Wednesday games this year. Details coming up around lunchtime.

VOTE. The newest round of Aggie Mt. Rushmore voting is up, and yes, you will be forced to choose between John David Crow and Corey Pullig. Sorry.

Cool maps and stuff. Team Speed Kills charts out all of the historic series in the SEC West. The East is also now available on the main page.

Ohhh it burns usss... This is just a friendly reminder about how far we've come in the last ten years. Let's not take anything for granted. I remember that day all too well, and this pretty much sums it up:

the moment your corpse rolled for four hours down the steep, unforgiving crags of Blood Mountain.
BALLER. Steven Godfrey interviews the mastermind behind Mississippi State's innovative new recruiting techniques.