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Upsets in the Eastgate Region? Time to Vote

The Eastgate region of the Good Bull Hunting Aggie Mt. Rushmore may have some upsets to keep an eye on in the opening round.

The results of the opening round in the Northgate bracket are in, and yes, football is definitely king in College Station. It was almost all chalk with the only upset coming from Shane Lechler over Aggie hottie Mary Beth Decker. The update bracket is available here. It's time to move on to the Eastgate bracket as we get closer to chiseling out the Aggie Mt. Rushmore.

There are some great names in this region, so take the time to click the links if you aren't familiar with them.

1. John David Crow vs. 16. Cory Pullig

8. Tetsuo Okamoto vs. 9. Shelby Metcalf

5. Lyle Lovett vs. 12. Bill Byrne

4. Jackie Sherrill vs. 13. Dan Campbell

6. Dude Perfect vs. 11. Robert Ferguson

3. Bucky Richardson vs. 14. Chris Field

7. Sarah Savage (one of the hottest Aggies of all time) vs. 10. Randy Matson (one of the greatest athletes of all time)

2. Dat Nguyen vs. 15. Joseph Jones