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daily bull April 1

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Sorry if you were experimenting some techmological differences. It's purely due to the fact that SB Nation hates A&M. They've assured us that the problem is fixed but yeah right whatever.

Congrats to the entry "Crazy for Carrie Mathison", who's the sole leader in our GBH bracket. Don't expect it to last, though. ESPN would never let an A&M fan win any bracket, even one started for A&M fans. Bunkie Perkins is still lurking around.

FINALLY SOME JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY. At least one sports outlet has the courage to stand up for Johnny Manziel. Leave the kid alone, haters.

Figures. The baseball team got swept by South Carolina over the weekend. Didn't even know they had a baseball team. Thanks, Bill Byrne.

Disgusting. Spilly has made some terrible meals, but this one might take the cake. Remove the casings? Seriously?

FIVE REASONS FOR SOMETHING SPORTS CLICK ARROW TO SEE THEM. You thought it was going to be a different site, didn't you? Way to stay on top of cutting-edge technology, newspapers. This will save your flailing business model.