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Senior Night at Reed Arena: Taking a Look Back

The Aggies face LSU tonight at 7PM at Reed Arena on Senior Night. On a night that always brings out a lot of emotions from both players and fans, we take a look back at what we will always remember from the seniors on this year's Aggie Basketball roster.

Yeah, this happened.
Yeah, this happened.

The home crowd tonight at Reed Arena will see seniors Elston Turner, Ray Turner, and Jarod Jahns suit up for the last time on the hardwood in College Station. The last time a player suits up in front of the home crowd is always an emotional roller coaster. If the pressure of your last game at home wasn't enough, the Aggies are also playing a critical game for their chances of earning a berth to the NIT after the SEC Tournament. Despite how you feel about the outcome of this season, the three seniors being honored tonight should be receiving all the support in the world from the Aggie fan base. As they get ready to leave their blood, sweat, and tears on the hardwood at Reed Arena for the final time, we take a look back at the moments that we will always remember.

Jarod Jahns

On a team that is depleted by transfers and suffering from a severe lack of depth a guy like Jarod Jahns essentially gets thrown to the wolves. As a Sophomore at Texas A&M, Jahns earned a walk-on spot on the team. He only played a combined 13 minutes of playing time over 11 games over his Sophomore and Junior seasons. Let that sink in. 2 years. 11 games. 13 total minutes. 0 points. In his Senior campaign this year, Jahns is playing 14 minutes per game (more than he played total over the previous two seasons), shooting 44% from the field, and 72% from the free throw line. You're not going to find a stat line or video highlight reel that blows you away here, but Reed Arena better erupt tonight when Jarod Jahns is introduced. He represents everything that is the Aggie Spirit and true embodiment of the 12th Man.

Ray Turner

Ray Turner is easily one of the most athletic basketball players to ever wear the Maroon and White for Texas A&M. On nights where Ray is able to assert his physical dominance over his defenders, there is no limit to that stat line he can put up. The excitement behind El Presidente (Ray was on the verge of being elected as Freshman Class President) skyrocketed after he tattooed his man-parts on Kim English's face.

It wasn't a posterizing dunk like the one over English was, but this dunk against South Carolina is up there in my book also. It was an absolute monster.

Elston Turner

Elston Turner transferred to Texas A&M from Washington and only played for the Aggies for two seasons. It really is difficult to try to imagine what this season would have been like if the Aggies didn't have Elston on the team. He currently leads the nation in 35+ point games, and he's shown that he can absolutely take over when he's feeling hot. I've been saying it since last season and I'll say it again. If you have a kid that wants to play basketball, pull down a bunch of film of Elston Turner getting squared towards the rim before he gets the ball off a pass and when he uses the crossover. Is there really any question as to what people are going to remember the most about Elston Turner? There's the #WhiteGirlWednesday tweets, and his line "She riding on E and I'm not talkin' about a gas tank," (no, really, watch the video. It's great. Skip to 2:12). But, 40 points and one of the greatest performances ever at Rupp Arena? Nobody will ever be able to take that away from Elston Turner, one of the greatest scorers and shooters to come through Texas A&M.