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Daily Bull 3.6.13 - Substitute Teacher Edition

Your chill, lazy, inept substitute is giving you your lesson plan in lieu of the tenured, renowned Dr. Norris Camacho. More video than words! Still not as tough as a $2 steak or J. Manziel's scholastic work load.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


The most Wrecking Crew dude of the last 15 years sat down for an interview with the mother ship. We love you, Von. I yearn to ask you about the time you knocked out a teammate while you were a freshman. I won't name names.

Johnny 2.0. Best in the biz columnist Bruce Feldman breaks down the top college football story lines for spring practice. The top story line involves a quarterback you might have heard of - click here.

Speaking of Johnny, after a few months of having more fun than anyone should be allowed, QB1 is back where he loves to be - practice. Brent Zwerneman has all of Manziel's quotes and other nuggets here. Johnny seems to have the proverbial work-hard, play-hard personality, yet is a true gym rat at heart.

The Texas Aggie beisbol team made quick work of Prairie View A&M last night at the Olsen Ice Cream Barn. Aggie Athletics has you covered on the recap. Nice to see the bats get going midweek before a daunting roadtrip to Southern California this week to face powerhouse Cal State Fullerton. GBH's Jason Zimmermann is offering up the best Aggie baseball coverage on the web, so be sure to check back often for analysis.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELSTON TURNER. It's Senior Night at Reed as the Aggie men's hoops team hosts the Swamp Kitties from Baton Rouge. Win the last two games of the regular season, and the team will be .500 entering the conference tourney in Nashville. I guess both these teams are clinging to some NIT dreams. Reminds me of when I was in school during Gilespie's first year and we made the NIT. Huge deal at the time. Anyway, we beat St. Joe's at home and I stole the massive NIT logo decal on the floor after the game. It resided in my shitty college house on our floor. Anyway, press and game notes are found at Aggie Athletics here. GRACIAS SEÑORS.

BUC-EE'S IS THE WAFFLE HOUSE OF GAS STATIONS. I can pay no higher compliment. Read about their success story here. Written by a newly graduated Aggie, no less.

It's Hump Day. How about some whiskey sipping music from one of the Aggie greats? Gig 'em, y'all.