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Daily Bull 3.5.13

Let's get hip.

Mike Stobe


Image is everything. "Hey let's make Kliff Kingsbury a real rad dude!" I've already written enough on this, and words can't really do it justice.

Guaranteed A&M victory. One way or another. The baseball team will host Prairie View A&M this evening at Olsen. Game notes here.

WHOOP. ESPN announced yesterday that they'll be airing our Spring Game on Saturday, April 13. Like, the real TV channel and stuff. Details at Aggie Athletics.

Les Miles & Dolley Madison. Spencer Hall takes us on another journey through a parallel American history where Les Miles did, in fact, have an affair after manipulating the time-space continuum and traveling to 1814.

More draft analysis. The latest read on Joeckel from Mocking The Draft.

Nike, no. I think Phil Knight is just toying with us at this point. Oregon State revealed their new look yesterday, and it's...something. Yes, that stripe on the helmet does continue down onto the facemask.

Hey, whatever works for you.