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Daily Bull 3.29.13

Happy Friday



Close call in Columbia. The baseballers dropped a close one 3-2 last night on the road. Details on Aggie Athletics. Painful, but not unencouraging. South Carolina is quite good.

Lechler comes home. The future NFL Hall-of-Famer signed with the Texans over the weekend. He was the rare punter that was fun to watch. I think it was Southern Miss in '99 when he ran a fake punt and nonchalantly plowed over a defender. Less entertaining was the moment we saw him taking snaps on the sideline as the emergency QB in the '98 Big 12 Championship Game

Welp, hope you didn't pick Indiana. The Sweet 16 rages on again tonight, but lots of brackets were tragically shattered yesterday. Looks like four out of our top five in the GBH Bracket Challenge had the Hoosiers to win it all. Here's a recap of yesterday's best and worst.

The NCAA makes so much sense now. It appears that Jason Kirk has cracked the enigma of the controversial organization:it is being led by a horse.

Countdown favorite: #1 Tyrion Lannister. As if there were any other possibility. He's the absolute best.