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It's Time to Build the Aggie Mount Rushmore

This is the first of many steps in the path to crowning the chosen 4 to grace the Good Bull Hunting Aggie Mount Rushmore.

It's a debate we've all heard for years and years. Just who would you put up on a Mount Rushmore of Texas A&M. This isn't some rinky dink Who's Who that every little piss ant is eligible for. No, this is the big leagues. It's not every day you get to pick who gets carved into the side of a mountain...unless you're a mountain carver guy, so yeah. Don't panic. Your choices here aren't the last chance you'll have to make your voice heard for the GBH Aggie Mount Rushmore. Select 4 names from the list below and submit your entry. We'll get the results together and get started with Step 2 in the blasting and chiseling of Mount Aggiemore. You have one week to vote, so vote wisely, or unwisely, or wisely unwise (INCEPTION).