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Daily Bull 3.26.13

Get your Tuesday fix

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE


Party's over. Coach Blair and the Women came up short last night against Nebraska at Reed. Complete details again provided by jimhu here.

Hey look, we're on TV. The Baseball team will try to make it 9 straight at home against UT-Arlington tonight. The game airs at 6:30 on FSSW. Details at Aggie Athletics.

Coachspeak. Kevin Sumlin will be pitching in on pre-draft coverage for the NFL Network next month. This is fine as long as you KEEP YOUR DAMN DIRTY HANDS OFF OUR COACH, NFL.

SHOVEGATE 2013 DAY 3. You know what the best part of this massive story is? Our defense intercepted Manziel three times in a scrimmage. That's quite encouraging. Also, Johnny has his very own page now on SB Nation called The Adventures of Johnny. TSK also weighs in on the Manziel mania. Just another five months of offseason...


Countdown: #4 Ned Stark. I shouldn't like this character so much, but I think it's more a function of him being one of the Sean Beaniest of all Sean Bean characters, and I really like Sean Bean. Why? Because he does stuff like this.