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Daily Bull 3.25.13

The Madness Marches on.

Jonathan Daniel


Not shocking. The WBB team took out Wichita State 71-45 on Saturday. They'll face Nebraska tonight in the second round again at Reed. Details on Aggie Athletics.

Check it if you dare. See where you stand in the GBH Bracket Challenge. Pretty close competition so far.

Perspective. Next time you want to complain about our football helmets, just go click right here and be grateful we don't have garish cartoon heads disproportionately splayed across them.

Uh-oh. Looks like two of the SEC's more colorful characters might be gearing up for Chilifest. Over/under on how long before one of them starts talking to a coyote with the voice of Johnny Cash?


Countdown #5: Lord Commander Mormont. Hamish's dad from Braveheart no longer braids his beard and has regenerated his hand, but otherwise plays a delightful rendition from his classic 1995 character. A tough leader, but fair, with the added twist of having a disappointment for a son instead of one he is genuinely proud of.