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Daily Bull 3.22.13

Brackomology update, Johnny sighting in Russia, and more

This is college basketball.
This is college basketball.


MADNESS UPDATE. Congrats to the ten folks tied for first place in the GBH bracket challenge. I myself am tied for 91st place, which is about par for the course. Get all your hot tourney action here.

As a football fan, I really enjoyed this read. Great stuff, Mr. Toad.

Gig 'Em, Gary. Coach Blair and the Women's team face off against Wichita State tomorrow at 3:00 on ESPN2.

Johnny's been seen in Russia! This comes from longtime GBH friend whoopy: apparently an acquaintance was in St. Petersburg over Spring Break and found actual JOHNNY MANZIEL NESTING DOLLS in a gift shop. Behold the glorious item:



The countdown. Coming in at #6 in my arbitrarily random Game of Thrones character countdown is Jon Snow. He's your typical slot receiver: hard-working, brings his lunchpail, does things the right way. If Wes Welker were a Night's Watch member, this would be him. Infuriatingly disciplined when everyone else is coasting. (Honestly I'd leave him off my list but I'd get in trouble at home if I did and aaaaaahhhhrrrgggh--)