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Daily Bull 3.21.13

Last chance to join our bracket challenges.


LAST CHANCE. The NCAA Basketballing Tournament tips off this afternoon, so make your picks with us if you are so inclined. Below are the groups that DerekAggie06 has created:

GBH Men's Challenge

GBH Women's Challenge

Gig 'Em, Von. Von Miller is currently on a USO tour, visiting troops in Kyrgyzstan. 10/10 on the just-now-created GBH Good Bull Meter (can we get a graphic from someone please/thanks).

Top 10 game. Lost in the flurry of basketball this weekend, the softball team (ranked #4) will travel to Knoxville to take on the #8 Vols. Details on Aggie Athletics.

Bama's AD is retiring. Mal Moore is stepping down after 14 years with a pretty decent track record, you could say. No pressure, person chosen to replace him.

Football Countdown. Jon Cooper over at Saturday Down South has JaQuay Williams at #3 in his list of the top 25 SEC football newcomers in 2013.

Random Countdown. For all the Game of Thrones fans out there, there are only 7 weekdays left before the season 3 premiere. As such, I will count down my arbitrarily favorite 7 characters between now and then. I'll do my best to avoid spoilers.

Coming in at #7 is Robert Baratheon. He's a terrible king and an even worse husband. But beneath all his shortcomings is just a fun-loving soul who used to be a bad-ass soldier. Pretty decent beard, too.