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The Good Bull Hunting NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Join the Madness. You know you want to.

Streeter Lecka

So, it's another year of not having a rooting interest in the NCAA Tournament. That's fine, I'll just root for one of the small schools from Texas that made it in. Oh yeah, that's right. For the first time since going to 64 teams, there won't be a single team from the state of Texas represented in the NCAA Tournament. This can mean only one thing.

It's time to pull out your list of Vegas odds, get your wife (or husbands for you GBH ride or die chicks) to help you pick based on cute mascot names, and create your NCAA Tournament Brackets! Use the link below to enter the Good Bull Hunting NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge:


Yeah, we got prizes.

1st Place - A t-shirt from Good Bull Hunting that will surely make you the talk of the town. (design coming very soon)

2nd Place - A randomly generated MS Paint drawing from GBH author Blumby.

3rd place - Sorry, you should have done better in the contest.

All others - Participation certificates. Sorry 3rd place, you really should have done better, or worse.

Only one entry per person, so no being a chooch and trying to think of every possible scenario.

Good luck, Gig 'em, and BTHO not playing in the postseason.