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Daily Bull 3.18.13

A look at baseball's first SEC series and various other things

Chris Chambers


Finally. The baseball team unleashed hell on Georgia, sweeping the Bulldogs this weekend, capped off by an 11-4 drubbing on Sunday. Not a bad way to start conference play.

SEC Hoops. Another must read from Spencer Hall. Catch the fever here.

Bracketing. Link is on the main page, but here's where you can print out a bracket. Hang it on your office wall as a testament to your wisdom and/or folly. It's just for fun, after all.

Speaking of fun. Lots of good stuff in the pipeline for this week. Some serious blogging business, folks.

Too many bowl games? A breakdown of the ten worst bowl teams in recent memory. Interesting read.

MONDAY. Just Monday, that is all.