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Daily Bull 3.15.13: sorry we're late

Happy Happy Friday



Sorry the site has not been working too well this morning. We'll notify the gurus. In the meantime, please enjoy this meager offering of Aggie stuff.

Bouncyhoops season is over for the men. They fell to Mizzou last night in the second round of the SEC Tourney. I'll bet we all can't wait for next year without the Turners and oh God it's gonna be bad. Feel free to cling to this shipwreck at the Game Thread from last night.

PODCAST. OrionHjarvis was flying solo last night on the Around Aggieland radio show, so jzimmermann11 dropped in for some baseball talk and I also joined in the festivities with some hints on what's in store content-wise on GBH in the near future. Give a listen if you're just killing Friday time until 5:00.

LET'S ALL FREAK OUT! You know, it's probably a good thing that Spring Break is almost over. Johnny's gonna be Johnny, after all.

Masterful. If you have not done so, please check out Texas_Aggie's mad Photoshop skillz. In my mind, all of those tats actually exist.

It's a crazy world. Captured for posterity yesterday when the front page of this lovely blog featured an Aggie cheerleader, rasta RC Slocum, South Park Tiger Woods, and a Men's Basketball player actually making a layup: