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Daily Bull 3.14.13: Basketball Victory!

We revel in the deliciousness of beating the SEC's 14 seed.

Andy Lyons


One step closer. The hardcourt boys shut down Auburn last night in the first round of the SEC Tournament, bringing us one game nearer to defying the astounding 300/1 odds that Vegas has placed upon us to win the tournament. We face off against Mizzou next. Get all your recap action here.

Ohhh great. Vegas, please don't jinx us. Apparently lots of gamblers think we are invincible.

Manziel Manziel Manziel, etc. Is he just enjoying himself, or will he need to shut down his Twitter account soon? You decide.

MATHS. Bunkie Perkins at EDSBS breaks down one of the raddest recruiting letters you'll ever see.

Lunch, anyone? Gary Blair and the WBB team will host their final luncheon of the season today at the McFerrin Center. Details here.

ALL THE TATTOOS. Did you know Dave South has one of these? Click here for more details.