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Daily Bull 3.12.13: a culinary celebration

Find out what's for lunch and where the newest Waffle House is opening.



Oh boy. If you are unfamiliar with Spillymeals, consider yourself fortunate and under no circumstances should you Google them. If you are familiar, check back in later today as Spilly has conspired with our very own blumby to create an Aggie-themed concoction.

Speaking of odd tastes in meals, this revealing interview with Arkansas' new head football coach is quite disturbing.

Can you believe this? The Waffle House is expanding, all right, but it's expanding into ACC territory. I believe some sternly-worded letters are in order here.


I thought I'd include a link to some edible recipes after reading Spilly's ice cream concoction. We all can more or less agree that LSU has the best tailgate cuisine, so check out the ATVS Recipe page. I've tried three or four of them and everything has been great.

BOOOOO. Ryan Swope lost the Internet vote to be on the EA Sports cover. This aggression will not stand.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>I was pulling for Swope. It would have been the most unlikely cover appearance of all-time and he's a top-notch guy.</p>&mdash; Geoff Ketchum (@gkketch) <a href="">March 12, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Spring schedules. Get your comprehensive list right here. Lots of other schools getting going this week.

Gary Blair continues to troll; be awesome. He stated in an interview yesterday that he thinks the SEC could emerge as the dominant conference in Women's Basketball next year once Brittney Griner has graduated. Here's what he said exactly:

"Hopefully, when Baylor becomes Baylor again next year [the SEC will have a chance to be the best league] said Blair on Monday at his press conference. "They're going to be damn good, but Griner [will be] gone."