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Daily Bull 2.28.13

More awards and t-shirts.


Get your debate on. We had some students weigh in on Kyle Field renovation. Stop by and comment if you haven't yet. Argument is sometimes healthy.

BEVEL UP! Congrats to VP of Marketing Jason Cook for being named International Brand Master. Pretty cool stuff.

Baseball gets the sweep. The team beat Northwestern 2-1 yesterday in a game that saw the Ags use seven different pitchers. Aggie Athletics details here.

..... Men's Basketball lost by nine last night in Oxford despite Elston Turner catching fire and going 10-17 for 25 points. Might as well exclusively run the three-man weave at this point.


Win things. Details at the link.

JMAN2. Like it or not, Manziel is navigating some tricky NCAA waters and may end up shaking things up in one way or another. The timing of this is interesting in that it has taken a back seat to the Miami/Emmert fiasco, but the reliable Dr. Saturday weighs in anyway. How long until football season again?

More on the 8th grader. Several of SBNation's finest explain what it would take for them to commit to Les Miles or Nick Saban at that age in How to recruit an 8th grade football player. I added mine in the comments, but SPOILER it's USE YOUR ILLUSION TOUR TICKETS.

Coming soon (today). Wildcard Thursday special edition. It's going to be...wild, I guess would be a good way to describe it. Look for it later this afternoon. And we didn't forget: Ranger's got your Aggie NFL Combine recap ready. Pure football crack.