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It's Chili Cookoff Time!

In Texas, where it's anathema to put beans in chili, Rodeo time is in the air. So, I am sharing a pretty damn good chili recipe with everyone. You Yankees won't like this because it's probably too hot for you.

Note mine, but looks a lot like it
Note mine, but looks a lot like it

The Houston Rodeo

It's Rodeo Time in Houston and that means country music concerts, urban cowboys, booze, and chili (hold the beans).

I stole the base recipe linked below from the 2007 Terlingua International Chili Championship (TICC) chili champion, Debbie Ashman of Bastrop Texas, and added my own little spin (or 4 or 5) to it.

I dub thee "Caustic Soda Chili"

Click for Recipe (PDF)

My adaptations to Deb's winning recipe included:

1. Chopped Onions


2. Minced Garlic


3. Tabasco Sauce


4. Bacon ("Yay! Bacon!" - Jim Gaffigan)


Epic Meal Time:

"A Date with Bacon"

"Bacon Tree"

"Boss Bacon Burger"

5. Tony Chachere's



Next time, I add: