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Daily Bull 2.19.13

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Jamie Sabau

The Women's Bouncyhoop team dropped a close one last night at Reed Arena against #8 Kentucky, 70-66. jimhu breaks it down in the FanPosts. It's only the second loss for the Ags in conference play this season, both coming at the hands of Kentucky. The team will face Ole Miss on Thursday night to close out a 3-game homestand.

The Men's team plays tomorrow night at Auburn. I wish I could tell you what Good Bull Bouncyball will feature for this game, but I really can't predict it. It was so much easier during Football season when we were consistent. It might just be a series of Cam Newton pics with basketballs Photoshopped in and a "U MAD?" caption. I really can't say.


Will we soon have an exclusive tennis feature? Was it research, or happenstance? You decide.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Good Bull: I ( @<a href="">jimmygards</a> ) am randomly on a flight from Seattle to Austin with the A&amp;M men's tennis team.</p>&mdash; Good Bull Hunting (@GBHunting) <a href="">February 18, 2013</a></blockquote>

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Of course he will. Of course. Kevin Sumlin will receive an honorary World Title from the WWE on Sunday. Why the hell not? POP QUIZ: what's his finishing move called? I think it's the "King's Burial". Or something.

Bad news from up north. Seems that OU will lose a trio of key players in positions of extreme need for next season. Just dropping this off here because they were our last opponent etc., etc.

Johnny Online. Manziel is taking only online classes this semester, USA Today reports. He mentioned it last night at the Davey O'Brien Award reception. Let's consult our favorite knee-jerking message board for a quick take on the subject.

So we are now no better than University of Phoenix?

Ahh, yes. That's the stuff.


Spencer Hall provides us with the greatest sporting-related biography of Andrew Jackson in the history of time. Lucas Jackson's about to drop the intensest Senior Spotlight Summary you've ever seen. Creedence Clearwater Revival :it makes you happy.