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Daily Bull 2.18.13



The baseball team did well, taking 2 out of 3 from UIC. Our own jzimmermann11 was there and gives you a comprehensive breakdown here.

In typical this year fashion again, the men's bouncyball team followed their dramatic upset of Ole Miss with a poor showing at Vanderbilt, losing 63-56 after scoring only 21 points in the first half. Next up is a trip to Auburn where we will no doubt score 200 points or something.

The women, on the other hand, are rolling. They're ranked #14 and take on Kentucky tonight in Reed Arena. Catch the game on ESPN2 at 6:00.

HOT SEATS. The main site breaks down the temperature of every head coach's seat using numbers and equations and stuff. Check it out here. (Hint: Sumlin is fine.)

I CALL THIS GUY "THA JOKER" CUZ HE'S FUNNY AND TELLS JOKES AND ALSO HIS NAMES SOUNDS SIMILAR. Luke Joeckel will bravely endure the presence of rocket surgeon Jon Gruden for the sake of his draft status. Almost there, Luke.

Happy Presidents' Day! Here's a fantastic read from Jon Bois on the Ken Griffey for President campaign of '96.

In the pipeline: Lucas Jackson will wrap up the Senior Spotlight series with...a wrap-up of some sort. Lots more baseball stuff to follow as the season gets underway. Two days left to get ready to get crazy in Wildcard Wednesdays. Also, tell cuppycup your crazy .gif ideas in the comments below. He may not listen, but do it anyway.