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2013 Texas Aggie Depth Chart: Pre-Spring Practice Update

This is my best guess at how the Aggies will line up when Spring Practice begins. Pay attention to the color legend at the bottom. Mid-term enrollees are in dark tan, freshman who are expected to be here in the summer are in light tan.

Scott Halleran

Adobe PDF Version of Chart Below || Full-size image version of Chart Below


1. Who starts at running back?

2. Baggs is the best choice for starting at MLB, but can he be unseated this spring? If not, who the hell is backing up Steven Jenkins?!

3. Will any of our currently injured players (in green above) be ready for Spring Ball?

4. Have Dominique Patterson, Jordan Richmond, and Desmond Gardner all left the team or do you expect any of them back?

Feel free to add your objections, observations, and other comments below. Don't forget to take the poll (below) as well.