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One Day Left: Vote for Texas A&M's Jason Cook

Texas A&M's very own Jason Cook is a finalist for the 2012 International Brand Master award. You know what to do Ags, don't let us lose an internet poll.

Aaron M. Sprecher

This was definitely a year of firsts for Texas A&M as they plowed through their first season in the Southeastern Conference. The success on the football field under first year Head Coach Kevin Sumlin and Heisman winning Quarterback Johnny Manziel has catapulted the university to front and center of the national media spotlight. As any fan of the Aggies can attest, the visibility and exposure of Texas A&M in various media forms has been second to none this year. The team of folks working tirelessly behind the scenes are the result of the leadership and direction of Jason Cook, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Texas A&M University.

Speaking for myself, I have heard more from the marketing department of A&M this year than I can remember from previous years combined. Not to mention, when's the last time you remember a marketing representative from the school being so vocal and interactive with fans online and in the media? The 100-year decision to move to the SEC has been tirelessly supported by Jason and his team. From a billboard in Austin that laid an SEC Country stake in the heart of the beast, to a full spread advertisement for A&M in Texas Monthly. More people than ever are trying to get access and get information from Texas A&M. The brand of Texas A&M is more valuable now than it has ever been before, and Jason and his team are working tirelessly to keep the image of the university headed in the right direction.

With one day left in the public voting section for the International Brand Master award, it's time for the Aggie network to do what it does best: Dominate an online poll. You have today and tomorrow to cast your vote by email, Tweet, and Facebook ONCE PER DAY. Confused? Don't be. We have everything setup for you below. Just click, vote, and do your part to show the world what we already know.


Click the link and write "Jason Cook" in the comment section. Like and sharing the post does not count as a vote. With that said, after writing "Jason Cook" in the comment section, share the post so your whole timeline will see it as well.


This one is easy. Simply click the link below, sign in to Twitter, and hit Tweet. Done.'l%20Brand%20Master%20%232012IBMVOTEJC%20Vote%20here%3A&tw_p=tweetbutton&


Click Here. Hit send. Done.

That's it. Do all three today and come back and do it again tomorrow. Make sure you spread this article around to everyone you know. Remember how everyone was creating Facebook accounts for their dogs so we could win the Gameday commercial contest? Yeah, do that.

Gig 'em Jason. BTHO those other two dudes.