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Introducing DAILY BULL

Aggies, college sports, SEC...any of it. This is your daily dose.

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Dat Nguyen is the best college linebacker in the history of the world. I will brook no arguments over this.
Dat Nguyen is the best college linebacker in the history of the world. I will brook no arguments over this.

HOWDY and good morning, all!

We wanted to give you a reason to visit us every day, and also a place to stop by to discuss Aggie sports, college sports, SEC news, or just about anything else. Your good pals ColoradoAg and Lucas Jackson will be pitching in on this feature, because I sure as hell can't do it by myself. We are your Daily Bull Ags. Your DBAgs, as it were. Yes.

So here's to Good Bull Hunting. We dove into this thing head-first at the outset of the football season, but now it's about you guys. We've had a great start, but we're looking forward to the football off-season/summer months for a chance to build a solid Aggie presence here. Let's light up the SBNation stratopshere, if such a thing exists. And on to the latest Aggie news:

The Georgia game. Ohhh, the Georgia game. T. Kyle King over at Dawg Sports gives it about as much attention as it deserves. Which is to say, some.

Von Miller can sack Johnny Football. Old news, yes, but I know this in my bones. I really think he could, although it may very well cause a rip in the time-space continuum. The first time Von Miller caught my eye was when he made a shoestring tackle on special teams against Kansas in 2007. I remember thinking "this guy is way too fast to be playing linebacker for Dennis Franchione." We all win in the long run, though. Seriously...if these two guys started their own line of designer glasses...whoa.

Good Damn Bull. I drive through Bastrop every time I go back to B/CS. Lost Pines is one of the prettiest stretches of road in Texas. The fire really took out a lot of trees, so kudos to all those involved. Great work all-around.

FOOTBAW. Here is Bill Walsh's 1985 '49ers "research playbook." Huge thanks to the master Spencer Hall for the link. I could read this for hours. And maybe I did on Sunday. Who's to say?

Finally...we've brought on a baseball expert! Jason Zimmermann will be bringing us the latest news on the Aggies. He'll be breaking down the team and providing a three-part preview this week beginning later today right here on GBH, so check back for the latest from Olsen.

Please also welcome our other newest member oscarwildecat. His tongue-in-cheek recruiting recap was chock-full of gems. Looking forward to seeing lots of new stuff from these guys, as well as the usual suspects, in the months to follow. Which reminds me: we'll finally be wrapping up the Senior Spotlight series soon after a bit of a NSD delay. Did you honestly think we'd forgotten about Sean Porter and Spencer Nealy? For shame, readers.

Gig 'Em, and make this Monday go by fast, y'all.